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Landis Shellac - How to use

  • Application range: For transparent laquering of all kinds of inerior wood, e. g. furniture, doors, picture frames, wooden ceilings, wall panels. Not suitable for table tops, floors and damp areas. Not suitable for traditional shellac polishing due to its content of larch resin.
  • Technical qualities: low viscose, transparent, Fast drying by evaporation of the solvent. Depending upon the raw materials used, the color and grade of gloss may vary from charge to charge. After the third coat the surface is limited in resistance to chemicals, water, abrasion an scratches.
  • Preparation untreated wood: Surface must be dry (moisture content below 15 %), solid, clean and free of grease and dust. For high surface demand the wood has to be watered and sanded (220 - 240 grain). Brush out pores carefully and dust prior to coating.
  • Coating procedure: Stir well before using. Prime diluted with 10 % Ethanol. Sand after at least 4 - 5 hours drying time (220 - 240 grain). Surface and surrounding air has to be absolutely free of dust for the following coats! Second coat: Apply and sand after 24 hours. Final coat: Apply undiluted, thoroughly dry 24 - 48 hours.
  • Important tips: Apply all coats sparingly and evenly. It dreis very fast; therefore it is mandatory to work very fast and fluent. Otherwise there will be permanently visible brush marks. Spray large surfaces (also with an airless device). Pay attention to exprosives regulations and insert a hair sieve. A high humidity (more than 65 %) and temperatures less than 18° Celsius (64° Fahrenheit) there is danger of the finish drying whitish. This layer needs to be snaded down.
  • Full declaration: Ethanol (ethanol fermentation), shellac, larch resin.
  • Storage: Cool and dry. Please see label for expiry date. Close opened container tightly.
  • Disposal: according to locally regilated laws.
  • Safety advise: This product contains ethanol as solvent. Highly flammable (UN 1263). Keep out of the reach of children. Keep container tightly closed. Keep away from sources of ignition - No smoking.
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