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Pocket tape VISO made by BMI

For external measuring, with a top window for inside measuring. Length 3 m.

save the money for expensive dividers
Drawing radii up to 3 metres. Look for the folding arm with its stylus hidden in the base of the case. In many cases with this tool you save the money for expensive dividers.

High quality tape structure
High quality tape structure:
  1. Concaved tempered spring blade steel of high stability
  2. Anticorrosive phosphat coating
  3. Synthetic resin, stoved
  4. Printed graduation with red meter figures
  5. Clear varnish to protect against wear, stoved

Metal sliding tip
Metal sliding tip, nickel plated, adjustable for both end-on and hook-on measurements
Attention: It is often suggested that the sliding stop at the end of a tape measure is a fault, and the tape should be returned, or the rivets tightened up by hitting them with a hammer, so that the stop is fixed tightly in place. This is a REALLY BAD idea. The stop is allowed to slide to account for the width of the metal so that one can measure both inside and outside dimensions, as with a picture frame, for example.

internal measurement
The internal measurement can conveniently be read directly from the top side window.
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