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Coltelli da pialla

Coltelli da pialla

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The disposable planer knife system from Brück consists of the knife carrier Self Set and the disposable reversible planer knife. The knife carrier is a one-time investment and you’ll need the same number of knife carriers as the number of knife holders on your planer’s blade shaft. The disposable planer knives will be a recurring expense. The knife carrier and knife are mounted and adjusted once only. The adjustment step falls away when a knife is later replaced.

Adapting the blade shaft

What you have to do is first to remove the planer knives in the blade shaft and then the springs from the shaft that press the thin planer knives under the adjustment gauge. At each mounting point, you then insert a BRÜCK Self Set knife carrier together with a disposable planer knife, making sure that the tabs on the knife carrier make contact with the top of the blade shaft. Finally tighten the screws of the blade pressure strip (on standard blade shafts 0.8 to 1 mm).

Applications Sizers and thicknessers, as well as four-cutter planers/moulders and moulding machines
Operation Dressing/planing/thicknessing/joining
Materials Solid wood, enhanced and composite wood products, bonded plywood, hardwoods and softwoods
Working range Cutting speed 40 to 70 m/s
Feed type Manual feed (for up-cut milling), mechanical feed (for up-cut milling)
Operating speed Comply with the machine’s specified rpm range or max. allowable rpm
Knives Always populate all knife holders – risk of imbalance!

Make absolutely sure that you place the disposable planer knives the right way around on the knife carrier - see diagram on left.

The unit made up of carrier and knife has the same dimensions as a thin plane knife and can therefore serve as a drop-in replacement in nearly all planing machines without the need for modifying the blade shaft/cutter block.

Knife carrier Self Set for disposable reversible planer knives

This knife carrier is a high-quality, high-precision product equipped with magnets and safety adjusting pins. It serves to hold the Brück disposable, reversible planer knives.

Supplied WITHOUT knives! Matching knives of the appropriate length must be ordered separately.

Length Width x thickness CodicePrezzo
260 mm 25 x 2 mm
Codice 338029Aggiungi al carrelloPrezzo € 64.90
310 mm 25 x 2 mm
Codice 338036Aggiungi al carrelloPrezzo € 69.90
Other sizes on request!
Disposable reversible planer knives

We supply the disposable, reversible planer knives from Brück only in the higher cobalt quality for extended tool life.

Major benefits of the Brück system:

  • Long tool life when planing both softwood and hardwood
  • Exceptionally clean and smooth planed surfaces
  • Very straight knives – industrially sharpened and honed
  • Always brand new knives in stock
  • Unproblematic knife replacement
  • Low knife costs – often lower than resharpening costs for used knives
Length Width x thickness CodicePrezzo
260 mm 18.6 x 1 mm
Codice 338229Aggiungi al carrelloPrezzo € 25.90
310 mm 18.6 x 1 mm
Codice 338236Aggiungi al carrelloPrezzo € 27.90
Other sizes on request!
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