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MOKUBA SDS-plus floor scraper

SDS-plus floor scraper


MOKUBA SDS-plus floor scraper

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Getting rid of tough, hard-to-remove floor coverings is a laborious business. But with these scrapers you will make good progress with this kind of job. Apart from the scraper itself, all you need is a hammer drill with an SDS-Plus chuck for mounting the scraper shank. The scrapers come in two lengths. We recommend the longer scraper (317 mm long) for all normal jobs. The shorter one (210 mm long) is better for working in cramped spaces. Scraper blades are easily changed using a 13 mm spanner.
Rear view

SDS-plus floor scraper short

Blade width 80 mm
Total length 210 mm

Codice 330700Aggiungi al carrelloPrezzo € 67.90

SDS-plus floor scraper long

Blade width 80 mm
Total length 317 mm

Codice 330701Aggiungi al carrelloPrezzo € 69.90

Replacement blade for SDS-plus floor scraper
Blade width 80 mm
Blade thickness 1.15 mm
Fits both versions
Codice 330702Aggiungi al carrelloPrezzo € 15.95
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