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Rustin’s Danish Oil - How to use

Danish Oil

It is an easy to use wipe on finish, which brings out the beauty of the timber and gives a natural, open grained, soft lustrous finish. Danish Oil is a unique formulation developed by Rustins.

Danish oil contains tung oil and other ingredients which penetrate deep into all types of timber, drying to a hard, durable and water restistant seal. The oil primes, seals and finishes all woods, including interior oak, teak mahogany, pine and all veneered surfaces. It does not leave a surface film to chip or scratch. May also be used as a primer before painting and varnishing. Excellent for use on all turned work including wooden handles of kitchen equipment and tops of storage jars.

Shake well before use!

Type Rustins Danish Oil is a blend of oils (incuding Tung Oil), resins and driers, formulated to produce an attractive and durable finish. The finish is Satin. For a gloss finish, use Rustin’s Teak Oil.
Intended Use For all interior and exterior bare wood, doors, joinery, garden and indoor furniture.
Special Features Brings out the natural beauty of wood and veneered surfaces, gives a natural open-grained low lustre finish. Easy to maintain. Confirms to safety of Toy Regulations BS EN 71 Part 3 1995. Notice: in our opinion Danish Oil should NOT be used for toys due to some ingredients.
Preparation The bare wood must be clean, smooth, dry and free from wax, dust and contaminants. Remove wax by scrubbing with white spirit and a scouring pad, then wipe away whilst still wet with clean rags. Existing paint and varnishes should be removed. Bare wood may be dyed before coating
Application Apply liberally with a clean rag or brush and wipe off the surplus oil after a few minutes. On exterior wood, the first coat should be applied liberally with a brush and allowed to dry without wiping. Nibs may be removed from the final coat by applying oil with a scouring pad, rubbing in the direction of the grain, then wiping away the surplus with clean rags or paper kitchen towels.
Coats Bare wood requires 3 coats. Exterior wood may require extra coats. See below.
Drying Time 4 - 8 hours depending on temperature and humidity.
Re-coating Time Re-coat once the previous coat is dry.
Application Temperature Ideally 15 - 25°, do not apply below 5° or on exterior surfaces if rain is expected.
Coverage About 14 m² per litre, 1 coat, depending on the absorbency of the wood.
Maintenance Periodic re-oiling is required. Clean surfaces before re-oiling using White Spirit.
Important Instructions for Exterior Wood Exterior wood will require re-oiling at least annually; horizontal surfaces and very exposed locations may require more frequent attention. Oak and softwoods are prone to wheather staining caused by moisture activating mould spores present naturally in the wood. Extra coats will be required initially to effectively seal these timbers; especially areas of endgrain and up to 6 coats may be appropriate with regular maintenance coats.
Shelf Life / Storage Many years if stored in original, tightly closed container in normal cool, dry conditions.

Flammable. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Repeated exposure may cause skin dryness or cracking. Vapours may cause drowsiness and dizziness. Use only in well ventilated areas. Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from scources of ignition - no smoking. Keep container tightly closed. Contains cobalt octoate, methyl ethyl ketoxime, naphta. May produce an allergic reaction. Click here for full safety data sheet.

Important: Rags used for oiling should be laid out flat to dry at a save place; otherwise they may catch fire due to spontaneous combustion.
Clean-Up Clean brushes with White Spirit whilst still wet.
Sizes 250 ml   500 ml   1 litre   2.5 litre   5 litre
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