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Pole Saw

Pole Saws

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Pole saws are indispensable for safely sawing off branches that are beyond your immediate reach. They let you work without having to climb a ladder. Our pole saws come from the Japanese manufacturer Nishigaki. They have telescopic aluminium poles, so that you can easily extend your natural reach and then collapse the saw to a manageable size for transporting.

We stock two product lines from Nishigaki:

  1. A lightweight series with saw blades 210 and 270 mm long with lightweight aluminium poles. They are primarily intended for the private user, especially people with limited physical strength. To hold and manouvre a saw on a long pole requires substantially more strength than handling a saw at the end of a short pole. This aspect should not be underrated when selecting a pole saw.
  2. A heavy-duty series with very sturdy aluminium poles and saw blades 390 mm long, each with a hook and bark cutter. These are intended for the professional user.

Pole Saw

Pole Saws, lightweight Series These pole saws are available in 4 lengths. The saw blade can be locked in 4 different positions, so that an optimal working angle can be achieved, depending on the orientation of the branch. To extend or telescope the poles you unlock them by twisting the handle slightly to the left. A twist to the right locks the poles again. The two poles can be locked in any position. Thanks to the soft plastic handle, single-grip for the two smaller saws, dual-grip for the two bigger ones, these saws are comfortable to hold even in cold weather.

Pole Saw 1100
Working length 0.78 - 1.10 m
Transport length 0.53 m
Blade length 210 mm
Weight 0.4 kg
Codice 319900Aggiungi al carrelloPrezzo € 39.00
Pole Saw 1300
Working length 0.87 - 1.30 m
Transport length 0.63 m
Blade length 210 mm
Weight 0.4 kg
Codice 319901Aggiungi al carrelloPrezzo € 43.00

Pole Saw 1800
Working length 1.18 - 1.80 m
Transport length 0.88 m
Blade length 270 mm
Weight 0.64 kg
Codice 319902Aggiungi al carrelloPrezzo € 59.00
Pole Saw 3000
Working length 1.78 - 3.00 m
Transport length 1.48 m
Blade length 270 mm
Weight 0.92 kg
Codice 319903Aggiungi al carrelloPrezzo € 79.00

Replacement Blade 210 mm
For no. 319900, 319901
Codice 319905Aggiungi al carrelloPrezzo € 13.50
Replacement Blade 270 mm
For no. 319902, 319903
Codice 319906Aggiungi al carrelloPrezzo € 16.50
Pole Saw
Pole Saw
Pole Saw

Pole Saws, telescopic, with hook and bark cutter, professional series With a 390 mm long blade plus a hook and bark cutter, these Nishigaki poles saws are up to any pruning job. These pole saws are available in 3 lengths. The saw blade can be locked in 5 positions to achieve an optimal working angle, depending on the orientation of the branch (see picture at bottom of page). The extremely stable, three-part aluminium pole is positive-locking every 34 - 67 cm, dependent on size. Pleasant to grip, even in cold weather, thanks to the soft plastic handle casing.

Pole Saw 3 m
Working length 1.60 - 3.00 m
Transport length 1.20 m
Blade Length 390 mm
Weight 1.54 kg
Positive-locking every 34 cm
Codice 319910Aggiungi al carrelloPrezzo € 129.00
Pole Saw 4 m
Working length 1.98 - 4.00 m
Transport length 1.54 m
Blade Length 390 mm
Weight 1.8 kg
Positive-locking every 50 cm
Codice 319911Aggiungi al carrelloPrezzo € 149.00

Pole Saw 5 m
Working length 2.30 - 5.00 m
Transport length 1.87 m
Blade Length 390 mm
Weight 2.06 kg
Positive-locking every 67 cm
Codice 319912Aggiungi al carrelloPrezzo € 169.00
Replacement Blade
Length 390 mm
Passend für alle 3 Größen
Saw blade replacement (PDF in inglese)
Codice 319915Aggiungi al carrelloPrezzo € 69.00
Pole Saw
Pole Saw

Pole Saw
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